Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yesterdays Craft Fair

I was out all day yesterday attending the Winter Artisan Fair at Leigh Square Port Coquitlam. Having a full-time day job and a toddler at home, I certainly don't have a lot of free time. Thank goodness that I have boxes of cards and other paper goodies so I did not have stay up late in the past couple of weeks to have enough items to sell.

The display could have been better but it could have been worse as well. I could not find the tablecloth that I used last year and fortunate enough I found this blue sheet last minute which worked quite well.

And I wished I could display my popular tags a bit better rather than placed them in plastics.

I now have a couple of things added on my to-do list, including finding a hanger or something for next year which of course it's not an urgent matter and be on the bottom of the list, LOL, and making more cutie magnets. I'll tell you more about how the cutie magnets idea came up later :-)

Selected sections: Holidays and Teabag Holders are now on sale, perfect timing for Christmas Shopping.

You may also notice that we don't have a Saturday Artisan post this week, and no new giveaway this week. There is a last-minute changed by the scheduled artist and it's best to postpone the post. However, there giveaway from the Pen Place is currently on.

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