Friday, December 20, 2013

BOGO Sale Stickers

My little man loves stickers. Any kinds of stickers. Getting a sticker as a reward is awesome according to him. It's quite often he comes home from school with a big smile, telling me that he gets stickers from being able to answer teachers' questions correctly or for being able to complete certain tasks. He gets stickers from our family Doctor on each visit either for being a good patient and for his patience waiting for us while we are being consulted. He gets stickers when we saw our Chiropractor who we miss dearly. 

I'd bet a lot of kids (and adults!) love stickers too. I do! Stickers are so versatile in use. You can use sticker as as envelope seal. I use cute thank you stickers on my packaging. I also have label addresses which really save my time for writing my address (and it's more legible I must say). I also like to include stickers in my orders as freebies as well. Stickers are also perfect for birthday or baby shower decoration. You can attach a personalized sticker on a favor. You can also give them away to kids at a party. They will love it, I promise!

So, here I am offering a BOGO sale on all Sticker products. Any stickers including customized stickers are on sale.

This weekend only, December 21 - 22, 2013: BUY a set of STICKERS and get a set of stickers FREE

Cute Owl Label Stickers

Cute Fairy Stickers Labels

Personalized Owl with Mustache Wearing Tie Stickers for Boys

Cute Pirate Stickers

Love Birds Sticker Personalized Thank You Labels Pink and Blue

More stickers are available on both of my Artfire and Storenvy shops. 

Spread the joy! It's time to buy stickers.


  1. Always admire your work, Nat! I had to laugh when I read how your son adores stickers. When I used to teach school, I used stickers quite a bit as a reward for good work. My students loved them - and these were 6th graders! So much fun! Hope you sell lots! Peace and joy . . . Catherine

  2. Great sales promotion idea. I see little kids putting stickers on their mother's faces -- even in church ;) Keeps them out of trouble.

    1. Lol, oh no, putting stickers on moms' faces are not something these stickers intended for. :-) But stickers can keep them busy and keep us uninterrupted... for a while at least.

  3. Now those are some cute stickers! I remember my children had special sticker books that they enjoyed putting their stickers in. I don't recall them ever putting stickers on my face, though! lol :)

  4. Cute! I always enjoy looking at your stuff!