Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bringing Back Saturday Artisan Posts

In the beginning of 2010, I started featuring handmade artisans on a weekly basis. In mid 2012, as my life was a bit more chaotic than the usual and blogging had become low priority, I had decided to take an indefinite break of Saturday Artisan post.

With the new year is just around the corner, I am planning to bring back our weekly Saturday Artisan series in 2014. I think it's time to resume. Saturday Artisan posts feature handmade artists, one Saturday at a time. It's about getting to know the person who makes and run the shop and what products she offers. It's about supporting small businesses.

Would you like to be featured? Or do you know an awesome artist that worth mentioning?
I welcome handmade artisans to nominate yourself and others, whether you have shop at Artfire, Storenvy, Zibbet, or your own website.

Here are some important criteria to be featured in my blog:
  • Must have great customer service, first and foremost. Friendliness and going above and beyond are keys to successful business. If I don't see that in you then I don't think I can refer my readers to your shop. I want my friends to really enjoy their buying experience and I need to have the confidence that they will get that from your shop.
  • Have at least 30 listed items in your shop in order to provide a good variety of products to choose from.
  • Have great pictures: clear and crisp.
  • Sponsoring a giveaway is optional but highly recommended.
Giveaway is held on a following day, Sunday, for a 2-weeks duration. Being featured on Saturday as well as on Sunday means double exposure to your shop and a great way to market your products. I will use my social media to spread the words and will require your active participation to do the same as well. Giveaway items can be products or gift certificates, and it's yours to decide.  

I'm not asking for any compensation to do this. Should you decide to do a giveaway, you are responsible to mail the product to the winner directly.

How to apply:

Leave a comment here or message me on Facebook. But hurry, the New Year is only days away!

Looking forward to promoting you and your awesome handmade shop!


  1. Such a great program, thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I would like to be featured. I sell on 9 sites. :)

  3. Great offer, Nat. No wonder you have built such a following for your blogs and have established a growing online business. I wish you continued success in all your efforts.

  4. I look forward to learning more about sellers of handmade goods in the new year.

  5. Sign me up! I'd would be glad to do a giveaway as well, Nat.

  6. Would love to be a part of it :)

  7. Thank you for the opportunity. My shop is

  8. I'd love to participate as well! Thanks Nat! Happy New Year to you! ~Aya

  9. Thank you for your interest, everyone! I'll be looking at your shops now and get in touch with you.

  10. I'd love to apply! You can find my main store at, and I also sell at I'm pretty sure you know where to find me, so don't hesitate to let me know if you need any info or have any questions at all :D

  11. Thank you Nat for the opportunity, I would love to participate.

  12. Thank you for the opportunity. I would love to participate.

  13. Hi,
    This sounds like such an exciting opportunity and I would love to be featured, hope its not too late!!

    I sell handmade jewelry and personalized gifts inspired by my hometown and the places where I grew up on Long Island, New York.

    My shop, Lauren Padd Designs, can be found using the following link;

    Fingers crossed!
    Lauren x