Saturday, December 14, 2013

Movie Themed Party

Movie themed party is such a fun theme to have for any ages and both genders.  Whether you are celebrating a First Birthday, a Ninth birthday, a Sweet Sixteen, or a Girls Night Out, it is definitely a party theme to consider. If you are planning for a surprise party for a Movie Fanatic, then this is it!

Party Decoration 

These movie theater favor tags were originally created as a custom order. The phrase "Thank You For Starring In...." is cute, followed by a customized text such as "Lily's 9th Birthday".  The colors I chose in here is black, red and white. Just like my other creations, I like to use high-quality materials including textured cards and that extra little detail makes these tags pop out. You will also get many movie-related images, not just one (unless you want to of course!).

Other party decorations such as cupcake toppers, banner, napkin rings, stickers, and invitations can be customized and available upon request.

Foods to Serve 

How about some cute decorated popcorn cupcake to serve at the party? This recipe seems easy and yet delicious! Mmm...yummy marshmellow!

If you are hosting an Oscars party, then these Golden Oscar Cookies are a must to serve!


A movie themed party will not be a fun party if there is no entertainment planned.  Watching a movie I think is a must, but how about setting up a photo corner and catch your guests in action? This decal will be a perfect photo prop to have.

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Gift Ideas

Here are some thoughtful handmade gift ideas in movie theme found at Artfire.

Neon movie theatre red marquee Route 66 Oklahoma 5x7 art photo by

Vintage Disney Books Tiny Movie Stories by

Life motivational quote saying vintage movie camera glass necklace by

Now, what is your favorite movie?


  1. How fun! Such wonderful ideas for a successful movie themed party for all ages.

  2. TIme for a movie night! Lots of fun items for a movie themed party!

  3. Great theme for a party and it looks like you have all the right props!

  4. I have so many favorite movies, I can't narrow it down to just one. Your stuff is really cute and this is a great idea.