Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bridal Tea Party

Here is a set of 12 teabag holders for a bridal tea party. It's a custom order that I quickly made in between of my big orders. Aren't they pretty?

They are actually not the ones that my client ordered originally. I embarrassed to say, but I was planning to work on her teabag holders late at night, thought that I need to do it as I don't have much time before my departure to Canada. In combination of being tired and the wee hours, I made a terrible mistake. I cut the paper a half inch short and it was the last paper I had. Oops!

So I went back to her and asked her to choose a different design of patterned paper. She chose this gorgeous paper by Chatterbox, one of my old time favorites of paper product lines. I simply love their designs: clean and sleek.

I surely hope that my client loves these teabag holders.

They will go on the mail on Tuesday.

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