Friday, May 15, 2009

Brothers Forever

I'm counting days. 15 more days and I'll be leaving Indonesia to be reunited with my DH who is waiting for us in Toronto. While I can't wait to see him, it's a bit hard for me not to cry and think that I have to leave Mocha for now (or ever, we don't know yet though we really want to bring him back to Canada). If only life is much steadier for us now. But it's not the case in reality as we are trying to restart our life in Canada.

We considered Mocha as our first son and always refers as 'big brother mo-mo' to Ethan. For the past week, I've been taking pictures of them together. Oh yeah, and filming them as well. Naughty Ethan loves to tease his big brother now. He throw balls for Mocha to catch and play hide and seek with him. And once Ethan gets to his nerve, Mocha will 'fight back' by continuously licking Ethan and push his body to Ethan's leaving Ethan powerless. Poor Ethan then is in trouble. ;-)

This is a picture that we took on Christmas day, 2007 in our downtown apartment, Vancouver, Canada. Ethan was only over a month old.

Here is a picture that I took 3 days ago. Ethan will be 18 months in a couple of days.

He may be a dog to most people, but to my husband and I, he is a son of us, a part of our family. It's not going to be a perfect family 'till he reunite with us.


  1. Well that just broke my heart! I'm sending up prayers for a perfect solution, wisdom, and most of all comfort for all of you as you make this difficult, but joyous transition. xJ

  2. Thanks so much for the good wishes! I really need that.

  3. Hope everything will go smoothly dear! Lovely & hopeful new week...XO*