Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Love Custom Order!

If you visit my Adore By Nat shop, you'll notice that I don't list as frequent as I used to. I'm currently occupied with this custom order.

Can you tell what I'm making?


They are just bit and pieces right now. I finish cutting all papers to the right measurement and currently in the sewing stage.

My sewing machine is quite small and it's one of the tools that I cannot live without. It's starting to lose its strength, mind you it has sewn hundreds and hundreds of papers. Pretty powerful for a small machine and I highly recommend it for crafting. In fact, I bought one for my girlfriend at work. But it's time for me to move to the next level. I want to have a REAL sewing machine, one that can sew zig-zag.

Can you imagine what will these bookmarks look like when finished? Stay tuned for my next post on the finishing result!

Now, would you please excuse me. I have some sewing to do.


  1. Great looking bookmarks...I still haven't used my sewing machine with papercrafts, just for patchwork, quilting & clothes repairs...must have a try when I get time

  2. Hi Nat - I saw your post on Twitter, and thought about how I post there daily and it seems no one sees or responds, so I wanted to respond to yours.

    Your site is very nice and I think your bookmarks are clever and beautiful. I am going to bookmark your blog, and I'll add you to my blogroll. Will you add mine to yours?

    I'm part of Etsy too, are you on Facebook as well as Twitter? I think all of us need to connect - x J

    here's my info:
    Visit Me At: * * *

  3. Such a cute sewing machine. I've never seen such a thing before.

  4. man what a cool mini sewing machine!!! i want one!! i have a big one but no space for it so i have to hall it out every time i want to use it. this mini is brilliant!!!!!

  5. I got the little sewing machine at Michaels a couple of years ago. Hopefully they still carry them. They're pretty cheap and with 40%off coupon, it's just a bargain.