Sunday, July 5, 2009

Working on 2nd Baby Album

While I'm waiting for my scorer (EK success cutterpede score) to arrive on the mail, I thought I work on my son's album. I finished the 1st album a couple of months ago but because I just love all my baby's photos (I'd bet any mom would say the same thing), by the time I finished the 1st album, I realized I only scrapbooked his photos from delivery day up to him being 2 months old. Now if I don't learn to choose less photos I would end up with too many albums and that would beat the purpose of scrapbooking, wouldn't it? Or I would end up with empty albums since the task looks so daunting.

In the past I felt that baby boy album is tougher to create since flower embelishments should not be used. I tried to find patterned papers with rocket, car, train, airplane designs, anything that is boyish. If you've been seeing my cards, you will see that I love flowers. I use flowers almost all the time.

However, since seeing some pages for boys with flowers in craft magazines, I thought, "Hey, if it's not a taboo for others, why should it be for me?" Flowers are not for girls only. So here the pages that I made with some flowers.


  1. Oh my, absolutely lovely and beautiful!

  2. What a wonderful album! Memories you will treasure forever. You do such beautiful work.