Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sizzling-Hot Weather

We're back to Vancouver from Toronto 2 days ago and greeted by the hot weather.

Vancouver is reaching its highest temperature this week. As a matter of fact, it's official that yesterday it broke its old record. It was around 38°C. Yuck! No wind to feel and no rain in sight.

Today's weather is not much different. Little Ethan is sweating but is still full of energy. Lol. It looks like he just took a bath . . . a bath of sweat that is.

Good thing that the portable air-conditoner that we purchase a couple of weeks ago through on-line had arrived. My dear hubby installed and put it in our bedroom yesterday upon his return from work so that we could get a good sleep at last. We all know that we need a good sleep in order to function well during the day. After all I have unpacking those 6 plus luggages and laundry to do. Cardmaking and scrapbooking will just have to wait.

If you ask me which one I like better: cold weather or hot weather, I'd say cold weather. At least I could wear thick jacket and sleep under a cozy thick blanket.

This Vancouver hot weather actually reminds me about the hot weather post that I did when we were in Indonesia (read here).


  1. Yeah, I heard about the heat wave attack there hehehe ... make sure you drink plenty of water, especially Ethan :)

  2. I understand you! I would prefer cold weather too.
    Living in the Canaries in summer is hard!