Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Friday

Today's weather was a little bit better than yesterday. While the cooler weather in the morning was just perfect for me to wash Ethan's stroller, the heat in the afternoon dried it.

It really needed some washing. The long travel from Surabaya (Indonesia) to Vancouver (Canada) to Toronto (Canada) and then from Toronto back to Vancouver in early July, followed by going back to Toronto to pack up all our stuff and flew to Vancouver just 4 days ago. . . wow, just listing this traveling that we did within the last 2 months made me feel exhausted, imagine how I felt during those traveling times.

Meanwhile, Ethan was busy playing nearby. I filled the stroller snack tray with water and let him played with it. Grandma seemed to have a better idea. She took out a few little toys for him to 'wash' just like his mom washing the stroller. Surprisingly, this simple random things combined together amused him.

I even had a little extra time to tackle the unpacking task. 3 luggages are empty and ready to be stored and the rest will just have to wait until tomorrow.

And hopefully, in a month or two we'll find our own place. At that time, the packing task will begin again.


  1. Good luck with your house hunting. I don't envy you doing all that packing and unpacking!

  2. Such a LOT of moving about, I don't envy you at all. Ethan is growing fast!