Thursday, July 2, 2009

Front Page Worthy

WoO HoO!

I made it to the Front Page, dedicated to Canada Day yesterday. I've been wanting to be on FP, so was just like a dream come true. The first time after a while being on Etsy.

There was a time when I was advised by a curator that her treasury made on a FP and one of my cards was included. I was so excited and tried to look at the archived FP (I didn't get a chance to see the live FP) but soon found out that mine was an alternate and unfortunately did not make it to appear on the FP before it expired.

Having my cards and tags on treasuries always makes me happy. It feels so great to be included and be a part of talented artists. Past treasuries with my products can be found here.

So yes, I was doing my happy dance yesterday and a big full grin smile on my face just like when I was on Storque Shop Local Asia Spotlight. I told my husband about this great accomplishment. Is this a big deal? It is for me. There is 160267 sellers on Etsy as I'm writing this article (and growing) and those photographs of artworks made to the FP, they always left me in awe. The facts that my product was picked and made to the FP just provided me with a confirmation that I'm on the right track in making my dreams come true.

Being on a FP for a short period of time translated to 9 new hearts on these tags, 12 new hearts on my shop, and 16 new hearts on other cards/ tags.

This set of 3 Leafy Green Felt Tree Tags are one of my favorites of all time. I made about 5 sets of these, a couple was sold as part of wholesale to a boutique in Nelson, BC and the set that is on sale on my shop is the last set and I won't be able to make more as I don't have the patterned paper anymore. Talking about this interesting paper, I didn't think that I would be able to create something beautiful as these tags (read here).


  1. hey congratulations.....U Desereved It!!!!!!!!!!!!!trust me..i love your work!:)

  2. That is just wonderful! Happy 4th weekend - Hope yours is blessed there where you are - xJ

  3. So beautiful! You've represented Asia and Canada, a wonderful achievement.

    Hope for many more FPs for you.

    I've had one, it's a great feeling :)

  4. Congrat's NAt ... so happy for you!! :))