Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Day Down at the States

We took a drive to the States yesterday for a day trip. There were six of us: my mom and dad, my sis and her little 6 mos daughter and then Ethan and I. Two young ones and we managed to survive until the end of the day with a few minor incidents.

So many places that we planned to dropped by that a full day trip felt so short. The picture above was Ethan at town of Blaine, a small town with a distinct character of patriotism, in my opinon. I wasn't sure if the blackberries at the background are edible, but probably are.

Our main destination was the city of Bellingham. A shopping at Target, Ross, Treasury of Memories, and Walmart is a must. Not that we don't have Walmart in Canada (we don't have Target though) but the Walmart in the States (and in Toronto) seem to carry more varieties. I wish we had more time to visit Barnes and Noble. I heard so much about it and really want to go there. Oh well, maybe next time.

I didn't buy tons of stuff. Nothing at Ross but I managed to buy a pile of cardstocks at Treasury of Memories. Cardmaking supplies are generally cheaper in the States than in Canada. Plus, they gave me an extra of 15% off for buying paper in bulk.

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