Friday, August 14, 2009

Grandparents' Backyard

The weather has been a bit yucky for the past couple of days, drizzling all day...everyday. But that's the reality in Vancouver. Nothing extraordinary about it. Sleeping and napping during raining days are great though! Sleeping under thick comfy. :-)

I heard it's going to be hot again next week. Hot weather is perfect for gardening although I don't do gardening myself. My parents, on the other hand, love gardening. The other day, I took Ethan out to their backyard. It was his first time stepping his feet on the ground. I had tried a couple of time in the past but somehow he hesitated and asked to get back inside. Don't really know why but he rather enjoyed the scenery from inside. I guess he had a fear unto something and it was beyond his comfort zone.
Apparently, once he stepped his feet on the ground and walked on the grass, he LOVE it! He had great time that he did not want to get inside.

He washed hand with Grandma. Or more like played with water.

Checking out the ready-t0-pick corns with Grandpa.

And check out these tomatoes! Organic! Some already being harvested.

On a different topic, just like to share with you one of cards that I listed today.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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