Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm Getting There

Although the next moving to a place we can call our own is still on the plan and yes, eventually we have to do the moving again and I prefer that it'll happen sooner than later, we still need to unpack and organize our stuff for the time being living at my parents' house.

So yesterday I asked my Mom if I could take over the formal dining table as my temporarily craft table. We barely use it anyway as we eat at the dining table, the one at the kitchen.

Here is the table when my stuff was still all over the place.

And now it's much better.

The papers that you see on the table are the only papers I have now. If you're a paper addict like me and cardmaking is your passion, then you'll agree with me that it's just so sad :-( But you would also agree with me not too worries as they are easily accumulated. My paper inventory is still waiting for me in Indonesia. Soon or later, we'll be reunited. LOL. We'll figure out a way without breaking the bank.

In fact, I had a chance to make a card today. Just one finished card, unfortunately. I encountered stitching problem, oh how I miss my tiny little machine (you can see it here). While others gave bad reviews, I am on the other hand gives it a two-thumbs up. I'll write more on my solution to the stitching problem in a couple of days, once I really get it solved :-)

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