Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The New Year

Happy New Year!

We said good-bye to 2010 and embrace 2011 with much hope and love. Wish you all much success in everything you do.

I'm enjoying my break now. I get to spend time with my toddler, creating, and do all those that I've put on hold for a while. Of course there are some that I still have not have a chance to accomplish yet, but step at a time, right?

Talking about new years resolutions. I have a few in mind and that includes making a final decision on where we are going to live and have a steady life. This is actually what I've been thinking a lot during the holiday. If you've been following my blog from beginning (2008), you know that since the birth of our son 3 years ago, we have been living in several places involving 2 different countries that requires about 24 hrs flights (not including the transits). Relocation is certainly not easy especially if we went through it over than a couple of times in 3 years period. I certainly not a fond of packing and unpacking. Unsteadiness and uncertainty wearing us out. DH and I discuss at length and talk about couple options. Soon, we'll make a decision.

Now, would you like to share yours? :-)

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