Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Being a BzzAgent can be rewarding. Once a while I receive invitations to join campaigns. I accept them if the products are something that I can use, obviously.

Recently I joined Philips SatinPerfect Epilator BzzCampaign. They sent me a sample (HP6570) to try and tell them what I think of the product and share my opinion with others.

I'm new to epilation. It's a method of hair removal. It's similar to a razor but it removes the hairs by pulling them all the way from the roots. So maybe like waxing but less messy and painful.

So what's the Bzz?
  • Smoother, faster, longer-lasting
  • One stroke away from silky smooth
  • Luxury for legs
The manual is very useful especially for someone like me who never used epilator before. It gives suggestions as what to do and which attachment part to use for first-timer. I honestly was a bit nervous when I turn it on. Perhaps because I use the regular manual shaver where there is no machine noise involved. As mentioned in the manual, there is pulling sensition involved but your skin gets used to the sensition over time. What I really like is that I don't feel the after the fact irritation that I usually feel when I use my shaver. It does feel smooth and it's supposed to stay smooth for weeks, we'll see.

I have 2 coupons up for grab: save $10 for SatinPerfect epilators (HP6576, HP6570) and LadyShave Contours (HP6345, HP6335); or save $5 for BikiniPerfect HP6375. These manufacturer's coupons are valid only in Canada, expiry date: January 31, 2011. If you're interested to try this epilator and would like to get a coupon from me, leave me a comment.

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