Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BzzAgent Review: Scrubbing Bubbles

As a busy mom who has day job, Etsy shop to take care of and a house to clean, I need to be effective and efficient. Finding the right products that helping me do the job is very important. So when over a month ago I was invited to join the Scrubbing Bubbles® One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner campaign of bzzagent, I said Yes!

A kit was sent directly to my house and I got my chance to try out the Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

When I opened the package, I was hesitant on how to put the kit together. It looked complicated but when I read the instruction on the side of the box, it was actually VERY easy. And that's my friends, I know things will just get easier from then.

I have 4 bathrooms and one kit. So, I choose the bathroom that we use the most and see if it works well.

How does it work? First, I installed a refill can of cleaner into a base on the floor beside the toilet. It has white tube cover that gives the clean look to it. Then the base is connected to a sprayer. I clipped the sprayer to the toilet bowl. It's very easy as I said. The step-by-step instruction has pictures to follow. Make sure you get a clean toilet bowl to begin with and it will maintain to keep it clean.

So here is the deal, one step twice a day and it keeps the toilet clean. It features a 360-degree action sprayer that covers the complete bowl, even under the rim. All you need is to step on the foot pedal for one second. Soon after that, you could smell the freshness. The cleaner has a Fresh Mountain Morning scent, a smell that is not too strong which I like.

My little one is my helper. He's so happy for being so useful, stepping on the pedal and seeing the spray in action.

The retail price is about $10 and the refill is about $5. No batteries required. Refill cans last up to 30 days which come to think about it, it's worth your 30 minutes/ month from bending, scrubbing, cleaning the dripping mess you make, and gritting your teeth.

With coupons that I receive, I'll buy more kits for the other bathrooms and refill cans.

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