Monday, November 14, 2011

EtsyGreetings Holiday Blog Hop

This year EtsyGreetings team is doing a Holiday Blog Hop and the theme is My Favorite Handmade Holiday Tradition.

Oh how I love this time of year as it gets very festive with all the bright lights and carols. We love to drive around the neighborhood to see all the pretty decors and sometimes we go up to the mountains to get a little bit of white Christmas.

One of my holiday favorites is Eggnog. It's sad that I can't have it throughout the year but come to think of it again maybe I like it a lot because I can only have it during the holiday season and that's what makes it special. Mmm.... A friend has an eggnog cake recipe that she's going to share with me very soon. I think if I can make it right, it will be part of our holiday tradition.

But for now, being a papercrafter myself, my handmade holiday tradition is not far from making anything that involves papers.

This Christmas Card with our son's picture is a perfect one to send to our family and friends.

I'm also making Christmas Tags. Aren't these adorable?
I can't help in mixing vintage and modern style together. Who says we have to stick to just one style, right?
The tags are 2"x3". The images and paper are from A Very Vintage Christmas Kit by Amy Jaz Designs. Add some baker's twine, ribbon, and brads and you get beautiful tags.

Thanks for hopping by!


  1. Wow, those tags are really something! So festive!

    Cheers from FarFlungCards

  2. I love your Christmas card! Your son is a little sweetie all bundled up. :) Gorgeous tags, too!


  3. I love your christmas tags! Of course, I'm slightly biased, but I would love to get one of these tags with my gift!

  4. Your Christmas card is very cute! I also like to make holiday tags, your tag is lovely!

  5. Your tags are fabulous! I also make many different foods only on the specific Jewish holiday. They taste delicious once a year but we'd probably hate them if we ate them more often, lol!

  6. Beautiful tags! Makes me feel a little christmasy.

  7. I love your tags! The card with your son's photo is so cute!

  8. What a sweet Christmas card with your son on it. He is a cutie. I love those tags! They are Awesome! Great use of the kit.

  9. adorable tags!! yes we enjoy driving around to see the local Christmas lights and street decorations.

  10. haha, your thoughts on eggnog are my exact ones on candy canes! And I love when people start putting out all those twinkiling lights; makes driving home after a long day feel so magical and warm.

    Thanks for sharing!

    -Kate ♥

  11. This tags! is so cute and very nice. i like it. Thanks for sharing us.