Friday, April 24, 2009

Featured Seller: NaomiKimhi

One of reasons I love selling craft supplies on Etsy is that I am able to provide cute and adorable appliques in reasonable prices. I love to see how people co-operate these appliques into their creations. I only have 2 hands and am already busy enough making cards and tags not to mention my FT job being a Mom to a 17mos toddler. So...let creative people on Etsy do the job :-)

One of my wonderful buyers is Naomi Kimhi. She is in Netherlands and ship worlwide. Using apppliques for hairclips is one GREAT idea, but using them for a key chain? Now, that's BRILLIANT! I would never thought of that on my wildest dream. Didn't I say we have so many talented artists on ETSY? Surely Naomi is one of them.

So....has Naomi inspired you to make your own? Go to my NatSupplies shop to get appliques. Or if you are like me, a busy person who is always on the go and have so much things on hand already, then getting them from her shop, NaomiKimhi, may be a good idea :-)

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much my dear for make me is ur Featured seller.
    I love what im doing and it make lot oh happynes .
    I just hope other people will be happy to get them and enjoy of my art 2.