Sunday, April 12, 2009

Work in Progress

The weather has been kind of crazy. Ethan had fever early last week. Though the fever did not last long, he ended up having flu. Poor boy! He's been coughing and has running nose. I, myself, is not much better. I have sore throat and feel pretty beaten up right now. I force myself to keep working on my orders but it certainly is not good for the body.

Last night while I put Ethan to sleep, I ended up felt asleep myself. Usually, 30 minutes cat napping is all I need and I continue working on my stuff until 1 am. It's a different story last night. I slept through and woke up around 2 am. There is no way I start working around those hours so off I went back to continue my sleep. Feeling guilty? Somewhat but I felt much better in the morning though the sickness has not gone away 100%

Here are the custom order I'm currently working on. Papers had been cut, embossed and stitched. What's left to do are adhering the onesies and papers together, tying a ribbon and they're done.

Now, off I go for a nap. My body really needs it.

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