Thursday, April 23, 2009

This and That

It has been cutting paper day today. I slowly working on the pink favor custom order, 160 favors in total. There is a left over of unused papers and I need to put on my thinking cap on how to use them up. I hate wasting papers. Sometimes I end up wasting time trying to save a teeny tiny paper. LOL.

Aside from working on custom orders, I continue making random cards including this felt bird and its tree.

I bought this set of Souffle pens a couple of days. It says it's for cardmaking and scrapbooking. We'll see what I can do with them :-) They surely looks 'delicious', don't they?

These cute bunnies I discovered last week. If you can't resist them, you can get them at my NatSupplies shop. For $2.50, what's to lose? If you love making hairclips, then this is going to be a perfect project for it.