Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Saturday.

While most people are excited that it's Saturday... well for me, it's not much different than any other days. Perhaps, it's because I don't have a monday-to-friday job like others have or like I used to have. In fact being able to go out in any day I want, I hate doing groceries shopping on the weekend. It's just too crowded and I hate long line-up.

I went to Post Office this morning and there is no line-up :-) I guess people do not go to post office on weekend.

I got home and took picture of my cellphone straps. Many colors are available and I plan to get more of different colors. What good about my straps *bragging* is that they come with lobster clasp and reasonably priced. You can find them at my NatSupplies shop.

I also got a chance taking picture of Ethan watching TV seriously :-) But this seriousness and sitting still only last a few minutes as he is rather being kept busy with his curiosity and moving around keeping mommy busy too.


  1. Your little Ethan is a real cutie. I'm with you for the groceries. I do mine on Mondays or Fridays in the morining. I get the whole store to myself!

  2. Never food shop on the weekend unless you just run in for milk!
    Those straps are neat. What are they used for?

  3. Having the wholestore to myself is just awesome :-)

    The strap can be used for charms attached to cellphone, etc.