Friday, October 10, 2008

Hot Weather

It's been hot for these past few days. TOO hot, in fact! I sweat a lot as I took some pictures of my cards as if I was in a sauna. The air conditioner in my bedroom was on almost 24/7. At nights we have to turn both ACs on. Yes, we need 2 to make it cool enough for this 400 square feet bedroom.

That just brought the electricity bill went up to the roof. Eek! But at least we save some money on laundry :-)

Here are some Christmas tags and cards I made recently. These will add variety to my AdoreByNat store.

Although I'm not anywhere near scrapbooking stores, I LOVE receiving their newsletters. They make me feel closer to home. Today, I received a newsletters from Treasuries of Memories. And guess what, these buttons, flowers & ribbons from Daisy D's are only $2.50 or 5 for $2 each (regular price is $5.99). That's REALLY a bargain! If I were in Vancouver, I would make an excuse to my husband to drive me to Bellingham. I will load up a cart with them. But until then, I can only drool...


  1. Your new tags are so cute. My husband and I just started a fire to keep warm as I'm reading yours about being too hot!

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I posted some pics of my cards last year, and I'll probably post some of the Christmas cards I'll make this month. I love the little Snowman tags; that's one of my favorite sets.

    Your cards are beautiful. I'll be back to look around when I have some more time.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.