Friday, April 16, 2010

Creations of the Week - Teabag Holder for Baby Shower

Last week I was contacted by a client who wondered if I could make her teabag holders in pink. She will need them for her baby shower.

That's how I spent last weekend. Shopping for the papers and completing this custom order over the weekend while at the same time spending my days with my family.

30 teabag holders in bubblegum pink.

I usually use patterned papers for my teabag holders as they would have designs of some sort. But I really like these too. They are made of cardstock (textured) and just as lovely as those made from patterned papers. My client wanted these done plain because she would like to add a 2x2 sticker in the center. I could only imagine that it'll be just perfect when she adds the sticker on.

Happy Friday!