Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Artisan: Briole

Meet this week Saturday Artisan: Heather, proud shop owner of Briole.

What caught my attention when I visited her shop at the first time was those sharp and crisp colors in her photographs. Simply stunning! I'd bet the actual photographs are way better than pictured.

I really like her 2010 goal. It's something that I actually plan to do after being too exhausted every single day for the last 2 months, trying to do everything which we all know is impossible (I'm NOT a wonder woman!).

So read on and learn about this fantastic artist and stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting giveaway from Briole.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what arts/ crafts that you make?
My name is Heather Green, I grew up in Minnesota and worked my way down the Mississippi, living in St. Louis and then moving to New Orleans in May 2005. I met a great guy when I first moved to New Orleans and during hurricane Katrina, we evacuated back to St. Louis, settled in and got married a little over a year later. We like to think of our marriage one of the good things that came out of Hurricane Katrina. I was born into a family of crafty women, I am a fifth generation quilter besides enjoying my first artistic love, photography! For me, photography is a great opportunity to look at so many of the amazing things in the world in a new perspective. It brings me great joy to capture a detail or moment in time that I may have otherwise overlooked.

What is your favorite item in your shop?
This is a hard question! My favorite images are probably the three "Abstract Palm" photos. They are so vibrant and colorful and almost look like abstract paintings. I have them hung over my couch and I never get tired of looking at them.

Do you have a favourite Etsy seller?
All of them! No seriously, there are so many amazing artist on Etsy that it would be impossible to pick just one.

What inspires you?
My mom, Jan Douglas, who is am amazing quilt artist and starting her own company, my husband who is always encouraging me to be the best I can be and the beauty in nature.

What is your goal for 2010?
To slow down and enjoy every day and every opportunity that comes my way. Life is too short and goes by faster and faster all the time, I want to live in the moment so I don't have any regrets later about life passing me by.

What is your favourite tool that you cannot live without?
My camera! None of this would be possible without it.

How do you promote your shop?
I have a facebook fan page and I try to be involved in the Etsy community by posting in the forums and occasionally stopping in to say hi in the chat rooms. I also always have business cards on me and try to give them out whenever an opportunity presents itself!

Any advice for a newbie running his or her on-line shop?
Use the tools available through the Etsy community before setting up your shop. I spent a ton of time in the forums before starting my shop and I feel like it really prepared me to start a successful shop.

During this recession time, tell us one thing that you do to save money?
My husband and I are staying home more and enjoying things like playing cards and cooking rather than feeling like we have to go out to have fun.

Thank you Heather for sharing and thanks everyone who takes the time to learn more about Heather.


  1. Great interview and amazing photos.

  2. Thank you Nat for the wonderful feature!

  3. This is a wonderful interview with a very talented, creative and kind individual! Congratulations, Heather!

  4. great interview! Nice to learn a little about Heather!

  5. You have some gorgeous photos - the New Orlenas series is my favorite. I would love to see you take some photos in Dallas, Chicago or Italy!
    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  6. Heather- your photos are gorgeous. I love the one of the sailboat. I wish I had read the forums before I started my etsy shop, but either way I dont think you would have had any trouble starting a successfull shop with your amazing work.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Great interview and beautiful photos. I'd love to see more nature shots- they are lovely!

  8. It's smart to hang around the etsy community before starting out!

  9. Great interview and beautiful work!
    I am taking the the same approach to my goal for 2010-
    My husband has just been diagnosed with cancer so the goal To slow down and enjoy every day and every opportunity that comes my way. Life is too short and goes by faster and faster all the time, I want to live in the moment so I don't have any regrets later about life passing me by.
    Thanks for the inspiring words Heather

  10. Thank you everyone for all the encouragement and feedback! I really appreciate all the comments!

  11. Christina - - How amazing that you met your husband through Hurricane Katrina! Now that'll be a story to tell the grandchildren!

  12. Wow! I love all of your photos, especially all of the nature prints! Perhaps you could also take photos of animals? I think it's really cool that you come from a family of crafty people! I wish I had half as much talent!

  13. Great Interview Heather!! I love your abstract palms prints, too! The first time I saw them, I thought they were paintings. :-) Congrats!

  14. The Abstract Palm photos are absolutely captivating....would love to see more "abstract" work from you!

  15. I think those prints are really cool!
    I would like to see some more abstract prints, I really enjoy looking at them and trying to find some sense into them :)