Friday, October 10, 2008

Featuring fellow Etsian sellers - episode 3 - Televators

Though I have moved to the other side of the world, Etsy and the power of globalization make it easier for me to feel closer to home. I learn that it's such a small world after all when my fellow Canucks knocked on my NatSupplies store door, enjoyed their stay and bought an item or two on their way out.

Who said that videogames are for boys? Who said that playing too much of videogames is just bad and nothing good can come out of it? Researchers have shown that gamers have much better visual skills than most of the population (click here to read more).

The living proof? Meet Janna, owner of Televators. Her artworks are one of a kind. They are not the typical earrings and charms that you can find in most stores. Aren't you curious to know bit more about her and her artworks? I know I was. So here is what she says:

"One look in my Etsy shop, and you’ll know exactly what my inspiration is! It all started when I got my Nintendo 64 for Christmas one year... Not to go into details, but I loved the bright, colourful world of videogames. I’ve always been very artistically inclined; my mother is an art teacher and artist herself, and my grandmother was well-known oil painter. I myself am a full-time student in the Fine Arts program at my local University, and enjoy doing anything art-related, from painting, drawing, and sculpting, to making charms and earrings!

Because my life is so busy with school and a part-time job, I began my Etsy shop as an escape; a side-project to work on when I have the spare time. With my first sales coming in just last month, Etsy is still a very fresh and exciting place to me! I have a wide target audience, as geekdom can have all sorts of age groups. My jewellery can appeal to young kids who like games like Pokemon and older kids in their late teens such as myself, who are finally feeling a comeback in classic gaming and the niche culture of the so-called “nerd”. My creations also appeal to the older generations, nostalgic from the days of Super Nintendos and pixellated adventures. My overall goal with my Etsy shop is to have fun, and connect with people around the world who share my love of the nerdy side of life and aren’t afraid to show it!"

These would be great for Halloween:

You know you want 'em. Go get a pair each at Televators and support a newbie!

The Cellphone Strap with Lobster Clasp used for her charm is from my NatSupplies store. It's one of my popular items and is selling like hotcakes :-) I'm running out of them now but new stock is coming tomorrow.

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