Friday, October 17, 2008

My Life in Etsy as a Buyer

I love to shop at Etsy. Not only that this is a way to support other Etsian sellers but it is also a cure to my addiction. Well, may be not so much of a cure since it gives me a temporary pleasure only and I usually crave for more :-)

Papers seem to be what I bought most. I just LOVE papers. Yes, I can't get enough of papers and I'm one of those who like to save rather than use them right away. My strategy would be buying at least two for each patterned paper. This way when I want to use them, I only use one and the other is still safely untouched. This strategy; however, does not seem to work well in this financial crisis situation. I should start using them!

A couple of days ago, I received my order from Purple Fresh.

So exciting! Look all these goodies.

When I looked at these stamps on sale, I knew that I just have to have them. In fact, I already had a design in mind when my eyes laid on the "You're" and "Sweet" stamps.

Here is a design found in the Joy of Card Making magazine.

And this is the card that I made using the stamps. Hope you like it!

The lollipop can be found in my Natsupplies store, 4 pieces for $2.00.

Purple Fresh is one of many wonderful Etsian sellers that I had a pleasure dealing with. I love the fact that she thinks of others. 25% of her sales goes straight to her local animal shelter. By the way, I just visited her shop and look at the papers that she has. So tempting, but I have to control myself. No sales = No more $ out.

Unfortunately, I recently experienced a so-not nice transaction with a seller. Not only that I did not receive my order after waiting patiently for 2 months, I was accused of lying just because she saw my listed items using similar papers that she sold. Did I say that I just Loveeee papers? Is it possible that other Etsian sellers sell these same commercial mass produced papers? I even could show my receipts if I have to.

Nevertheless, this unfortunate experience will not stop me from buying on Etsy again. Etsy is such a GREAT community, IMHO.


  1. I signed up for Etsy under a buying account over two years ago specifically to buy something I'd been trying to get ahold of for years. My very first buy, and I was so excited that I didn't even care it was a bit more expensive than I'd ever planned on paying or that the shipping itself was fairly outrageous. Long story short...never got it, seller could have cared less, I never went near Etsy again until a couple of months ago after friend kept encouraging me to open a shop. Since then everything has been wonderful and I've had some lovely buying experiences with some really neat people. I'm a little concerned about three shipments that I feel should have come by now, but I'm confident that the sellers will be nice and helpful about them if there's any problem.

    That's a terrible way for a seller to treat you! Some people have a lot of nerve. If you're anything like me and someone insinuates that you're lying, it really hurts.

  2. Love your shop and blog :) I'm an Etsy Seller and Buyer! Most of my purchases have been supplies, and most of my experiences have been GREAT, lots of wonderful people and great sellers. Sometimes shipping is a bit on the slow side and a convo telling someeone that they've received the order, and will ship it promplty would be nice. But overall, the experience is positive. Knock on wood, so far nothing i bought or sold has been lost in the mail!

  3. Etsy needs wonderful and amazing sellers like you! :D

    I have just been tagged by vanillapixie so I am now tagging 6 other etsy artists. Check out my blog to see 6 things...