Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hoping for a Rain

Today's temperature is about 39°C (102°F). Another hot day. But I was told that this is a sign that the rainy season is near. I just can't wait.

Counting the last couple of days of dry season and I will soon have to say goodbye to these gorgeous flowers and delicious fruits. Quite similar to what I experienced in Vancouver, except this time I don't see falling leaves nor experience having cold hands. If I were in Vancouver, I certainly would not hope for a rain. LOL! Vancouver rains a lot! It's still a beautiful city, nevertheless.

Mangoes and a Blewah (or muskmelon). It certainly reminds me of a pumpkin, but this is nothing taste like a pumpkin. It tastes more like a melon or a cantaloupe.

Ethan turned 11 months yesterday. Can you tell that he is actually under the weather? This little fighter does not allow some cough bugs ruining his playtime.

Check back tomorrow as I'll be doing my 1st ever GIVEAWAY! You know you don't want to miss it. :-)


  1. your son is adorable - just too cute!!!
    I look forward to your give away - Have a great day!!!

  2. What an adorable baby! He looks like he might be a handful. :)

  3. Ethan is so cute. Hope he's feeling better soon.