Thursday, October 23, 2008

You Got Mail

I always love receiving mails. I think most of us do. Bills and junk mails are exceptions, of course.

Here are today's mails that gave a little smile on my face:
  • Clear stamps that I ordered through Etsy. I'm so excited, I can't wait to use 'em.
  • Preserved mangoes. Mmmm...Yummies. We could not help to eat them before I got a chance to take a picture of them. There were 5 in total. My dad-in-law asked his employee to drop this off at home for us to enjoy as snack. So thoughtful of him.
  • An e-mail received from Holland America Line. Now, don't you wish you're there? I know I do.
Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? You know that Christmas card is a must, don't you? :-) We're at the end of October already. Beat the rush and shop today. Consider the shipping time it takes for an order to get to you, you probably want to start shopping now. Posts get delayed during holiday season. For those who already started and about to finish, kudos to you!

Don't forget to consider donate a card to a soldier sent to his/ her family. Click here for more details.


  1. I love getting things in the mail too! But it seems like the bills and junk outnumber the goodies for me sadly!

  2. Packages in the mail are even better than letters!