Sunday, November 16, 2008


They are so many bookmarks out there. There is a section for itself on Etsy that I love to browse. But, after going through page after page, I found that there are not many of 'scrapbooked/ papercrafted style' bookmarks. Sure there are photographed bookmarks. They are also printed bookmarks. But there are not many (or even none) that are papercrafted.

Here are bookmarks that I just made recently that are a little different than most bookmarks available out there.

While I love to put more embellishment on bookmarks, I learned that it's important to be careful when choosing what embellishment to use. They should not be too chunky that leave 'mark' on the page. For example, although buttons are cute embellishment and they're great to use for gift tags, they may not be appropriate for bookmarks.

So, what I did was to create a tag to it. The tag stays out of the page and make a great decor to the book itself. Plus, I could still use buttons :-)


  1. Oooh, I love them. Your work is just so perfect! I love your colour choices, too.

  2. Pretty.....:) I like it both, I love the colors mix...another pretty handmade from talented papercraft artist ...** neh..hehee