Monday, November 10, 2008

Finds - Bird Lovers

I love animals. I grew up in a suburban area. We had a big house and a very large backyard. No, we did not live in a farm area, but we had so many different kinds of pets. We had dogs (more than 10!), fishes, chicken, turtles, and birds. So you can imagine what kind of noises we had in our place. It's kind of fun, though!

This time, I'm dedicated my findings at Etsy to bird lovers out there. They are all $15 or less and will be perfect gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

Mod Bird Pocket Mirrors from MadisonMade are a must have accessories. Slip one on your little purse and show it off once a while. Be sure to hear the 'ohh and aww' as a compliment. $3.50.

LittleThingsDesign has this Rattle Rag Ball that is so adorable. 100% cotton fabrics are used. I really love its soft colors. It's on my wish list too for my little one. $12.

Do you need a stocking stuffer? This set of buttons will be a perfect one. They are available at SamariaProject for $5. Each is hand colored and packed nicely. You probably want to keep a set or two for yourself.

This Chirp the Day Away Pillow Cover from Sun2Create is bright and funky. It'll make a conversation piece, that's for sure. Now, I just feel I need to sit down and hug the pillow. $15.

BroadwayBeads is a talented jewelry maker and she has this brilliant idea in protecting sterling silver from tarnish. She made this anti-tarnish zippered pouch, using a special fabric. "Perfect for travel or keeping your jewelry in at home. Stuff one into your purse for safe keeping, or storing your jewelry while at the gym!" $8.5.

My love affair with felt led me to Ahyingmui's store. She has a selection of cute birdie brooches made from multi layer of felt and fabric. Brooches are small and yet powerful accessories that can make a statement. Don't you agree? $12.

For anyone who loves to read, Wool Felt Bird Bookmark is a thoughtful gift to give. I love the design with details involved all the way to the ribbon itself. Hurry up and get one at Neskat. $7.

Happy shopping! Buy handmade!


  1. You did a wonderful job showcasing all the bird talent, some darling pieces showcased.

  2. Great features! I love birdie art and crafts (that's how I chose your snowman with the birdie on his head holiday cards!)

  3. Oooh, great finds! I love birds, especially strutting magpies and tiny little sparrows. So precious.

  4. Hello!! Accidentally found this blog from etsy ^^ I also etsy seller, monthssssss ago, but unactive since I can't afford shipping cost from Indonesia to anywhere else on this earth :(
    Nice blog anyway, visit mine! ^^