Friday, November 7, 2008

Sweet AbbaDabbaBags Participated our MSS Poject

The Holiday/ Christmas MSS promotion had ended. I expected that this 2nd card drive would be more successful than the 1st one, but sadly I have a feeling that less people participated this time around. It's not a surprise though. With the economy crisis around the globe that has been hitting hard on most of us, people tend to focus more on other things.

Thanks to AbbaDabbaBags who purchased Christmas cards from several Etsy Greetings team members to show her support to this great cause project. She even started a thread at Etsy forum to encourage others to participate.

Not only she is a kind hearted person, but AbbaDabbaBags also has an Etsy store full of beautiful bags. I love her designs (and her store name too by the way). And the fabric that she uses...mmm...delicious! Okay, delicious may not be the right term to describe it, but you know what I mean :-)

Take a look at this adorable leafy brown pouch for example. Crisp color and perfect for you who want to look feminine and yet hate pink.

This weekend bag is so classy. It's simple and yet elegant. A must have for this Winter season.

If you're doing your Christmas shopping, be sure to put her store in your list.

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  1. You are right she does have cute bags. I love her Teacher Tote and Matching Wristlet -Pink Ginger Blossom. It's on my Christmas list now.

    I wish I would have participated in the program.