Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Post Office Has Moved

I've been informed by the post office clerks that the post office is going to move to a new location since the lease will end at the end of November. Last Wednesday, I asked them again about exact the moving date. They said it'll be sometimes in December but no exact date yet.

Since I could not make it to the post office yesterday, I asked my hubby to drive me there this morning prior him going to work. It's about 5-minutes drive from where we live, so it's quite convenient for him to take me there, wait, take me back home, and go to work afterward. On the way there, I was thinking that it's the end of November already and today could be the last day I'm going there and I have to figure out ways to mail my orders in the near future.

Who knows that last Wednesday, the day that I took the picture above, would be the last day I mailed my orders from there. When I arrived to the location this morning, the gate was closed and I knew it right away that I won't be able to mail my orders today. Agrr!

There was a piece of paper sticked to the front window. It was quite hard to read from outside of the gate, but the handwriting said that it's closed for good and moved to a new location as of Nov 29th.

Why on earth that they didn't give me a fair warning? It's not even December yet and they moved already?? But again, it's not a surprise since this is the way things are done generally in Indonesia. Rules are bended here and there and we have to be REALLY patient with how things are dealt over here.

Like the other day, for example, I came around 2:30s pm and one of the clerks told me that they're closing. I said it's not 3pm yet and the sign posted outside said that it's closed at 3pm. The clerk told me that I should have come around 2pm. Yes, theoretically he said that they close at 3pm but in reality they close earlier. His argument is that when mails are picked up by the headquarter around 2pm, what is he going to do with the new incoming mails? Well...couldn't they go on the next day pick up instead of asking customers to go back the next day? Duh! And yet, I didn't want to argue. I really didn't want to ruin my good relationship with the clerks. They recognize me well since I come twice a week. I also leave tips which is recommended to ensure that they take care of my mails. I never have to do that in Canada.

The thing with the new location is that it's a bit further away from my home. It's not that convenient anymore to mail my orders. I feel that I have to change my shipping schedule to once a week, but I'm afraid that it'll affect my sales. Do people willing to wait that long? The only other way is to ask one of my dad-in-law's employees to do the mailings when they're available. I, myself, admittedly am quite afraid to drive in Indonesia. That will be another story for next time.

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