Sunday, November 9, 2008

To Follow or Not to Follow Your Heart

People always say, "Follow your heart." But should we when rationally we think that it may not be the right decision to make?

Do you listen to your heart?
Or do you do an analysis, make a list of pros and cons?

How do you talk yourself out for not listening to your heart?

Perhaps you can answer my questions. Any comments are appreciated.


  1. Hi Nat, I'm the first one hehe..I will suggest to follow your heart "wisely" :)......

    gud nite..:)

  2. I think it depends on the situation. I know I often go with my feelings as my first reaction but sometimes change my mind after "thinking it through"! Tough call.

  3. I say follow your heart. I do and even though I've had some less than wonderful results at times I've certainly not had a boring life.

  4. I sent a direct reply on Twitter. Hope it helps.