Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brown is Good

Brown is one of my favorite colors. Just like black but not too dark and yet match with most colors. Here is a card that I created today.

These cheeky monkeys were made about a year ago or so. My husband and I went to Japan for our postponed honeymoon and followed by our visitation to my husband's family in Indonesia. I got bored at that time, not during the honeymoon, just to clarify :-) ... and bought few felts in different colors. I borrowed a tutorial book from my brother in-law and made these monkeys. They have been in a closet, until a few days ago when I found them. Of course, Ethan saw them as well and wanted them right away. They're Ethan's now.

Now, I feel like having some brownies...mmm....mmm...


  1. So beautiful! I love all the detailed work. How lucky are our-hand-makers-crafty- people friends! They always get beautiful surprises from us! That's a lovely card and I'm sure that person deserved all the extraordinary work.

  2. I love brown, too, especially with blue. The card is lovely! Those monkeys are adorable, too.