Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Joy of Credit Card

I love using my credit cards. Back in Vancouver, we barely brought cash with us. Credit cards seemed to work in everywhere. It's good for even a small $5 transaction. At the end of the year, we redeemed the accumulated points, enough to use them for a night or two stay at a four to 5 stars hotels or for a gadget that was in.

In Indonesia, credit cards are not as common as in North America. Cash is preferred in most places. Nevertheless, credit card users are not only rewarded with points but also a saving on the spot. For example, most restaurants offers big discount when certain credit cards are used. This is absolutely good news for my hubby and I. We LOVE dining out ... oh, the joy of eating! Foods in Indonesia is generally cheaper than in Canada. A meal in Indonesia costs about one-quarter or one-third of what it costs in Canada, but of course its portion is a bit smaller as well.

But can you imagine how cheap it can get when a discount of 51% off on food and beverage applies? Or when BOGO sale applies? The other day, we had 4 different desserts for $5 when it should have cost us $20. What a deal!! So yes, I just love when credit cards companies compete with each other to give us the best deal.

please know your limit! We always pay off our credit cards balance. We use credit cards simply as a way to enjoy the perks they offer us. We certainly do not want to incur any interest, so knowing how much we can spend determines how often or how much we can use our credit cards.

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