Monday, December 8, 2008

One Lovely Blog Award

Pao of Art's Little Place has nominated me one lovely blog award. I'm so thrilled to receive this award. Thanks, Pao!

In return, I have to spread the love and nominate others. These are the rules that MUST be followed:

1. Add the logo to your blog.
2. Link to the person from whom you received this award
3. Nominate 7 or more blogs
4. Leave a message on their blog, letting them know they are "One Lovely Blog"!

These are lovely blogs that I truly enjoy to visit (in alphabetical order):


  1. Hi Nat, thank you so much!!!!...I haven't spent much time online, but will be back blogging soon :)

    talk to you soon ...cheers :)

  2. Thank you, Nat. How sweet! I don't think I've ever told you how much I like your blog layout even though I mean to every time I see it! :-)

    I've put the lovely award on my blog and have followed the instructions to pass it on. I feel so special!

  3. Hi Nat :o)
    Thanks so much and congratulations on your award!!! I know you were nominated but I am sure you will win!! You have such a lovely and insteresting blog.
    My hard drive died on my little laptop so I have been off-line for AGES! Now all I have to do is follow the detailed instructions on how to instal my new hard drive and I will be back online * wish me luck *