Monday, December 29, 2008

Valentine's Cards

I tried to keep up with Hallmarks and made a few of Valentine's cards already. After all, Valentine's day is only a month or so away. Shipping time itself already takes about 2 weeks in general, so be romantic and get one for your loving one. These valentine's cards are available at more at my Etsy store and more will be listed soon.

Today, we when to the Mall. We always stop by at Mothercare store. It's one of the places that we just 'have' to visit (the other two are Ranch Supermarket and TGA bookstore). It's so fun browsing clothes, shoes, toys, books and feeding sets for Ethan. But this time, we didn't buy anything. But Ethan got a balloon!

And this is a scrapbooked photo material. Ethan has been learning to walk. He gets better and staider in walking. I'd bet he'll be running in a month or so and it'll so hard to keep up with him.

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  1. Look at that big boy! He loves his balloon. :-) How exciting when they start to walk!